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Why Not Visit Hexham for the Regatta

Why Visit Hexham?

A Visitor's Guide to Exploring Hexham During the Regatta

If you're planning to attend the Hexham Regatta, you're in for an exhilarating experience of rowing competitions and riverside festivities. But why not make the most of your visit by exploring the charming town of Hexham as well? This guide will help you discover what Hexham has to offer alongside the Regatta, ensuring you have a well-rounded and memorable visit.

Is Hexham Worth Visiting During the Regatta?

Absolutely. While the Hexham Regatta promises excitement on the river, the town itself offers a wealth of attractions, history, and natural beauty that can enhance your overall experience. From stunning architecture to serene parks, Hexham has something for everyone, making it a perfect complement to your Regatta adventure.

What is Hexham Known for?

Hexham's reputation for historical significance and architectural beauty precedes it. Start your exploration with a visit to Hexham Abbey, a masterpiece that dates back to 674 AD. The abbey's crypt still holds ancient stones from Hadrian’s Wall, and you can admire its awe-inspiring architecture, centuries-old sculptures, and beautifully crafted wooden panels from the 15th century.

Hexham is also renowned for Hexham Old Gaol, England's first purpose-built prison from the 1300s. The museum within offers a captivating journey into the town's past, with a remarkable collection of historical artifacts. Don't miss the opportunity to descend into the dungeons or experience the stocks – a glimpse into history that's both fascinating and immersive.

Is Hexham a Nice Town to Explore?

Hexham's charm extends beyond its historical sites. The town center boasts lush gardens and parks, such as Sele Park and Hexham House's picturesque grounds, providing an ideal backdrop for a leisurely stroll. Across from Hexham Abbey, the Queen’s Hall Arts Centre, housed in a magnificent Victorian building, adds a cultural dimension to the town. It hosts various artistic performances and boasts art galleries, a library, and a visitor information center.

Hexham offers diverse experiences, from the excitement of Ladies’ Day at Hexham Racecourse to the bustling Shambles market on Tuesdays. The annual Hexham Book Festival is a literary delight, and for those seeking tranquility amidst nature, Tyne Green, along the riverbanks, offers lush green spaces and serene views of Hexham Bridge.

Historical Places in Hexham

Hexham's historical treasures are woven into its fabric. Beyond Hexham Abbey and Hexham Old Gaol, you'll find a rich tapestry of history. The Abbey showcases not only ancient sculptures and wooden panels but also a Border History Library, a treasure trove of historical records and artifacts.

Moreover, Hexham's strategic location makes it a gateway to some of England's most iconic historical sites. Use your visit to explore Northumberland National Park, where pristine landscapes and outdoor adventures await. Dive into history along Hadrian's Wall UNESCO World Heritage Site, visiting Housesteads Roman Fort, Chesters Roman Fort, Vindolanda, and the Roman Army Museum, all just a stone's throw away. Remember you can also visit the Hexham Rowing Club which also holds a host of history of rowing. 

Practical Tips for Exploring Hexham During the Regatta

Hexham is easily accessible via public transport, with regular bus services and trains connecting it to Newcastle and Carlisle via the Tyne Valley Line. If you're driving, Wentworth car park is conveniently located for town center access, though be prepared for a somewhat steep walk.

For comprehensive information and guidance on planning your Regatta and Hexham adventure, visit visithexham.net. This invaluable resource provides insights into local attractions, accommodations, dining options, and upcoming events, ensuring that your visit to Hexham is both enjoyable and well-informed.

In conclusion, attending the Hexham Regatta is an exciting endeavor, and enhancing it with a visit to Hexham adds a delightful layer of discovery to your trip. With its history, natural beauty, and welcoming ambiance, Hexham perfectly complements the Regatta experience, leaving you with cherished memories of a well-rounded and enriching visit to this special town. So, make the most of your Hexham Regatta excursion by immersing yourself in the wonders of Hexham.